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Tabletop Game Expo is a smorgasbord of opportunities for newcomers and a hub for veterans and industry stakeholders. 

The expo will be in Solnahallen with its two, large halls. Hall one houses a trade show with companies from the entire industry, a stage, and the indie game market.


Hall two accommodates tournaments, role play sessions, a board game library, and free game playing in a large space that anyone can sit in. 


Solnahallen’s second floor has a restaurant.



As part of Stockholm’s largest tabletop gaming club, Emma Rudstam arranged these and other events:


Several board gaming flea markets:

2017, spring: more than 700 visitors

2017, autumn more than 600 visitors

2018, at least 2000 visitors and a Facebook event that reached 500,000 people.


The public’s enormous interest in board gaming gave Emma the push she needed to leap into something LARGE.


She found a crew and Tabletop Game Expo was born. The first expo was held in 2019.


The 2023 expo will be even larger! More info to come. 

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Join us?

Would you like to help out?

Our expo is based on teamwork. Together we create a fantastic event.

Would you like to join the team and help out during the expo?

We need extra hands in several areas: entrance, set up and take down, stage, wardrobe, information area, demoing board games, and so on ...

Free T-shirt and entrance fee for everyone who joins the team. If you help out during several shifts, you get more stuff.


Before and after the expo, we meet to hang out, get to know each other, and have fun.

Sounds interesting?

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