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Tabletop Game Expo!

Bordspelsmässa fullt med massor av roliga aktiviteter. 

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Tabletop Game Expo 2021


The  Tabletop Game Expo offers oodles of varying activities for all ages.  Expect demos, competitions, free lessons, lectures, workshops, a board game flea market, and much more.

Trade show participants (inside the expo) are offering the latest, greatest games. And the expo's stage program promises interesting, inspiring shows, panels, and discussions. The flea market is a treasure hunter's dream.

Why not try something new? Find new friends? And challenge your mind?

At the expo game tables,  you can sit down, play something you bought (or borrow a game from the library).  Alone? No problem! We'll help you find new friends to play with.

We're open on Saturday, 24 April from 10 AM - 6 PM and on Sunday, 25 April from 10 AM - 5 PM.  

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